Mobile app development

Capture information and communicate wherever you are

Could mobile app development improve efficiency and reduce costs for your organisation?

If at any stage of your organisation you have a need to capture information or communicate with either staff or customers on a regular basis then a mobile app will benefit you.

Perhaps you have a web page based customer portal, a booking system, or digital subscription that would benefit from being on an app.

The benefits of developing a Xamarin based custom mobile app

Xamarin is the code we use to build our apps. This allows apps to work cross platform (iOS & Android operating systems).

Xamarin uses Microsoft technologies such as Visual Studio and C#, which allows our skilled developers to utilise their .NET expertise for which we’re Microsoft Gold certified and recognised Xamarin consulting partners.

But how does this benefit you and your app users?

Using Xamarin will reduce overall development costs. As apps for both iOS and Android share a common code base, it is only developed once and any ongoing updates and changes are easier to implement. This not only aids development but also benefits unit testing – ensuring your app renders properly across all devices.

Need an app on the market quickly? A reduction in development and testing time means a complete app can be ready and on the app store much quicker than competitor platforms.

Xamarin based apps stand out from its competitors as it is able to access the full suite of native mobile hardware (microphone, camera, and bio-metrics) allowing for both increased security and smoother user experience. As Xamarin becomes more popular, they now have much quicker access to Android & Apple technology after an update or release!