Software Testing & End-to-End QA Services

We strive to combine our knowledge and expertise to provide Global Enterprises and Private Companies, a package of Innovative QA and Software Testing Services.

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Our talented team of software testing and QA professionals will help you establish concrete control over your product’s life cycle, monitor every development stage, and give you accurate product quality information.

For years, our QA experts have been using the latest practices and technologies to ensure efficient performance and high-quality project implementation for the world’s largest enterprises, helping to deliver solid software on time. Enhance your general strategy of software quality management and deliver amazing customer experiences with high-quality software testing.

  • 11 years of experience in software testing and QA
  • 400+ completed testing projects from the year 2010
  • 75+ full-time QA professionals experienced in complex projects (over 80K person-hours)
  • ISTQB certification team members
  • In-house center of excellence for testing services

Key Testing Areas we offer

1. Functional Testing

Deliver Flawless System Functionality & Beat Your Competitors

Functional Testing validates the software system according to the functional requirements. It involves black box testing, smoke testing and regression testing to verify that a modification in coding does not impact the existing functionality of the product and that it works fine with new functionality, bug fixes or any change in the existing feature. This test checks the user interface, APIs, database, security, client/server communication and other functionality of the tested application. We manage an in-house team of testing specialists with experience to perform quality functional testing activities. Singsys exhibits cross-browser & cross-platform testing capabilities together with the latest interoperability testing methods to assess functionalities across multi-faceted systems.

Process of functional testing that we perform are:
  • Requirements analysis that points out to a close investigation of uncertainty defects during the requirement stage of SDLC (Software Development Life-cycle).
  • Test design creation involving writing of test cases fulfilling multiple specifications
  • All-inclusive test metrics that work to ensure supreme visibility with Process Quality, Unit Testing, Application Performance, Defect Analysis.
  • Time-based, exhaustive status reporting together with QA recommendations
  • Drafting of test plan which is comprehensive and approved by stakeholders
  • Implementation of Test Requireme nts Traceability Matrix (TRTM) for achieving a bi-directional trackable status
  • Scope of performing Black Box Testing including Equivalence Class Testing, Decision Table Testing, Boundary Value Analysis, etc
Benefits of Functional Testing –
  • Use of Agile Testing Platform to enhance quality and performance traits of the software.
  • Functionality Assessment via crowd testing approach to tackle QA- related issues.
  • Active automation of Regression testing frameworks.
  • Cloud Integrated Testing Infrastructure for ensuring quality output.
  • Implementation of web-based defect management tools supported by comprehensive information reporting
Types of Applications we test with functional testing services:
  • Mobile apps
  • Web applications and sites
  • IoT solutions
  • Big data solutions
  • Various enterprise solutions (SCM, CRM, BPM, ERP, etc.)
  • eCommerce solutions

Our team of quality assurance professionals build a seamless functional test plan, design thorough test cases, execute the tests and log defects and help to increase business efficiency.

2. Performance Testing

Ensure your System is Robust and Reliable enough to handle Peak Loads

Performance testing is the process of determining the Speed, Responsiveness and Stability of the application or software program under a specific workload and ensures high-quality performance. It exposes different aspects of the software that need to be improved before your products get launched in the market. Identify if they are ready to handle your anticipated peak load, what can be the possible break points and optimize before it’s too late.

Our approach includes:
  • Analyze the backend structure of the application
  • Familiarization with your process
  • Create a scope of API requests for testing
  • Run API calls in 100/1000/10000 threads at the same time
  • Save and analyze test run results
  • Collect performance metrics
  • Validate the fundamental features of the software.
  • Measure the speed, accuracy and stability of the software.
  • Performance testing allows you to keep your users happy.
  • Identify discrepancies and resolve issues.
  • Improve optimisation and load capability.

At Singsys, We ensure high responsiveness with Load Testing and Performance Testing Services

3. Security Testing

Safeguard your business from data breach and unauthorized access.
Protect your business from cyber-attacks.

In Security Testing, we check whether the system and applications in an organization are protected from external and internal threats and seek to expose flaws and possible loopholes of the system which might lead to data loss and theft. The objective of security testing is to track the threats in the system and evaluate its potential weaknesses and security risks.

Security testing has become an absolutely important part of an organization’s development strategy. The cyber-world is becoming more-and-more vulnerable to attacks, hence, the security of the enterprise, customer data and application availability are key concerns for businesses. When performing vulnerability scanning, studying system configuration, and analyzing network and communications, we take into account the complete IT environment of your application.

Our Approach Includes:
  • We evaluate how well your application is protected from current attacks and threats using varied manual and automated techniques.
  • Explore basic security design issues in your application.
  • Check for implementation errors that could lead to security breaches.
  • Your IT infrastructure.- we test whether it provides adequate security to the application.

4. Test Automation

Reducing velocity and time-to-market resulting in significant ROI

Test automation is the method of running tests, managing test data, and utilizing results to improve software quality. It’s basically a quality assurance measure, but its activities involve the assurance of the entire software production team.

Our Approach for Test Automation:
  • Creating an automation test plan
  • Test Case Feasibility Report
  • Test Automation Plan
  • Regression Test Results
Our Test Automation Services:
  • Ensure the process is consistent and reliable.
  • Provide efficient reporting of automated test execution results.
  • Enable end to end software application/product automation development
  • Ensure efficient bug reporting integration with Test Management tools
Benefits of Testing Automation:
  • Reduced regression cost
  • Enhance consistency and quality of testing
  • Multi-platform testing
  • End-to-end comprehensive automation solutions

Our team of quality assurance professionals build a seamless functional test plan, design thorough test cases, execute the tests and log defects and help to increase business efficiency.

Find critical bugs in time when they are cheaper and easier to fix. Automate testing with an integrated CI/CD pipeline to ensure launch-ready quality after every sprint.

5. API Testing

Validate functionality, reliability, and security of the Application

APIs are one of the most crucial components for testing as they are prone to highest security risks. Any leniency can expose your data, including your users' data as well. Our experts build you an extensive API test suit that works with your Continuous Integration and Delivery model. You can be sure that all your endpoints are secured from any unauthorized access, regardless of where they are hosted.

Testing the Application Programming Interface level functionality of the app gives a quick evaluation of its overall strength prior to running GUI tests.

Our Approach for API Testing:
  • Accuracy of data
  • Response time
  • Error codes of any errors returned by API
  • Authorization checks
Our API Testing Services Involves:
  • Perform testing on the system through a series of API load tests.
  • Automate the API documentation creation process.
  • Perform test cases for all possible API input combinations for test coverage.
  • Monitor the API in production by reusing test cases.
Benefits of API Testing:
  • Provision to test early.
  • Provision for easy test maintenance
  • Lesser time for resolution.
  • Speed and Coverage of Testing.

Our team of quality assurance professionals build a seamless functional test plan, design thorough test cases, execute the tests and log defects and help to increase business efficiency.

6. Agile QA Testing

Get Smoother and More Agile Project Completion

Agile testing is software testing based on Agile development principles. Agile development methodology focuses on fast implementation and constant verification of the reliability and stability of the software. Singsys's end-to-end agile testing strategy and distributed agile framework deliver best results to the clients looking to adopt agile methodologies.

Our Approach for API Testing:
  • Strategy development
  • Maintainable test automation framework
  • Specific API testing tools and approach for each level of testing
  • Collaboration with Quality Assurance (QA) team for automated testing
Our Agile QA Testing Services:
  • Managed Testing Services.
  • Customized QA Consulting.
  • Project-Specific Software Testing Services.
  • Application Security Testing.

Our team of quality assurance professionals build a seamless functional test plan, design thorough test cases, execute the tests and log defects and help to increase business efficiency.

Tools We Use For Functional Testing
  • Selenium
  • SoapUI
  • Appium
  • Ranorex
  • Robot Frame Work
  • TestNG
  • Cucumber
  • WebDriverIO
  • JMeter