IT Support Services

IT services company in Chennai, Sanjeevi Technology Solutions provides IT support services to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure.

IT services company, Sanjeevi Technology Solutions provides IT support services to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure. Do business owners have the resources to handle IT support services? Or can they handle these aspects on their own? Not always. It isn’t economical either. This is where Sanjeevi Technology Solutions can help. Sanjeevi Technology Solutions is a leading IT solutions company located in Chennai that provides a wide range of high-quality IT support services to help organizations manage their IT infrastructure efficiently.

Though we are based in Chennai, we provide value-added services to small, medium-sized, and large businesses all over the globe. We offer services like cloud computing, software development and maintenance, network security and compliance, IT consulting and much more that enable our clients to stay ahead of their competitors. We have an experienced IT support team that help our clients adopt and maintain new generation technologies, ensuring excellent output in terms of quality and usability.

IT Support Services

Industries We Cater To

Our dedicated team provides on-site and remote IT support to all industries across the globe, mainly

  • Finance
  • Manufacturing
  • Healthcare
  • Non-profit

Our Services

We Provide Customized Business IT Support Solutions To Our Clients.

IT Consulting

We provide reliable and customized IT consulting services from network analytics to managed IT solutions at any level of your IT projects.

IT Management

We offer end-to-end IT management services and support. With our problem-solving approach we help our client in successful completion of their projects.

Cloud Backup Services

Get secure Cloud Backup Solutions. We provide your business with automated and secure backups to the cloud.

Network Security And Compliance

With our secure network solutions, we ensure complete protection of your business. Our customized cyber security systems aim to deliver a secure network round the clock.

Cloud Computing

Our optimized cloud solutions help to enhance cloud app performance, better security and improve overall business processes to build a scalable and secure system.

Remote System Monitoring

We use reliable tools to evaluate the health of your computing environment. This helps us identify security, performance, and version updates and keep the application environment functioning flawlessly.

24*7 Monitoring

Our experienced team examines the error rate, load time, response time and so on of your systems and website to resolve any performance issues. They provide 24*7 monitoring and alerts in case of any failure.

IT Help Desk Service

We provide support for any network issues you experience. Our team is available to answer any queries, resolve problems and facilitate solutions.

Product Testing And Bug Fixing

After developing a product, our testing services help to determine the readiness of the product release. Our team helps to fix any bug issues and ensure smooth functioning.

Our support solutions also include website maintenance to ensure that your website is professional, fresh, and smooth-functioning. We fix broken links, update content and ensure security. Focus on the growth of your business while we update and manage your website.

Our extensive knowledge in IT support and technology management and our modernized approach helps to offer customized services to our clients to achieve their organizational goals.

Our Clients

We Leverage Our Expertise Across Various Areas

We are pleased to have associated with many of our clients in providing IT support that ensures continuous reliability and availability. We have served many businesses with customized IT support service to suit their specific requirements.

Our Clients