Mobile-First Systems

Stars-Support’s Mobile Expertise

Stars-Support has been providing consultancy and development services in mobile development since 2006. We have an extensive expertise in providing mobile solutions for both iOS and Android platforms. During the development process, from the technical standpoint, we always concentrate on three key aspects: the most native, convenient and smooth user interface, a substantial level of data protection and security as well as clear and maintainable codebase.


Languages for Native Development

  • Swift
  • Kotlin etc.

Design Patterns

  • Viper
  • MVVM
  • MVP
  • Reactice, etc.

Cross-platform Solutions

  • React Native
  • Xamarin
  • Unity 3D etc.

Stars-Support’s Mobile Development Experience

Stars-Support’s mobile development team has released over thousands of mobile apps for different key sectors, some of them for well-known brands. Our main strength is flexibility. We can deliver quality solutions for business that prioritize time to market, maintainability, scalability, and stability.

Solutions for Digital Media and Wearable Devices

  • Apple TV
  • Android TV
  • Apple Watch
  • WearOS

Augmented Reality for Mobile Frameworks

  • Google ARCore
  • Apple ARKit
  • Vuforia Engine

Mobile Virtual Reality Platforms

  • Samsung Gear VR powered by Oculus
  • Google Daydream Smartphone / Standalone VR

Frequently Asked Questions

Stars-Support specialises in mobile development services for both iOS and Android platforms, focusing on creating user-friendly interfaces, enhancing data security, and maintaining clear, maintainable code. Our offerings include native development using Swift and Kotlin, as well as cross-platform solutions with tools like React Native, Xamarin, and Unity 3D.

Yes, Stars-Support is well-equipped to work with a diverse clientele. Our flexible approach allows us to deliver quickly for startups, where time to market is crucial, and provide scalable, stable, and maintainable solutions for enterprise clients, meeting their rigorous demands.

Our in-house mobile development team is highly experienced, releasing thousands of apps across various sectors, including some for well-known brands. The team has accumulated over 250,000 work hours in mobile app development, showcasing extensive expertise and a strong record of delivering robust mobile solutions.

Stars-Support delivers IT solutions across a wide range of industries, including healthcare, legal, finance, manufacturing, construction, professional services, education, and nonprofit sectors. This breadth of industry knowledge enables us to tailor solutions that effectively meet specific sector needs.

In addition to mobile development, we offer comprehensive IT solutions like web development, cloud computing, digital marketing, data entry, and consulting services. We also specialise in emerging technologies such as blockchain, augmented reality with platforms like Google ARCore and Apple ARKit, and virtual reality solutions for mobile platforms.

We prioritise the most native, convenient, and smooth user interfaces while enforcing stringent data protection and security measures. Our development process adheres to best practices in coding and design patterns, including Viper, MVVM, MVP, and reactive approaches, to ensure high-quality, secure applications.

Potential clients can visit our 'Pricing and plans' section on our website for detailed information. For more tailored solutions, contacting our support team via or through our 'Contact Us' page is recommended for personalised service and quotations.