IT Managed Services for Healthcare Services

Information systems for healthcare clients must not only be secure and HIPAA compliant, but they must be fast and reliable. The Stars-Supprot team has years of experience helping Nashville-based healthcare clients meet HIPAA requirements while also optimizing patient care and business processes with IT support.

Technology Strategy that Balances Compliance, Patient Care, and Your Budget.

Technology Strategy

Since we opened our doors in 2002, healthcare organizations including privately-held medical and dental practices, healthcare consultants, and medical device manufacturers have made up a significant portion of our client base. That’s why Stars-Supprot understands the unique challenges that healthcare organizations face. Information systems for healthcare clients must not only be secure and HIPAA compliant, but they must be fast and reliable. The Stars-Supprot team is well-versed in HIPAA compliance requirements for technology systems and has years of experience helping clients meet those requirements while also optimizing patient care and business processes.

Optimizing Workflow and Patient Care While Remaining HIPAA Compliant

As part of our Complete Care Partnership, we provide monthly reviews of our healthcare clients’ IT systems to ensure these systems are optimized and compliant with HIPAA requirements. We’re also well versed in EMR/EHR technology and can serve our healthcare clients by managing the relationship between them and the electronic healthcare records vendors if needed.

Our Healthcare-Specific Services Include:

  • HIPAA Compliant Solutions
  • EMR/EHR Implementation and Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Risk Analysis and Risk Management
  • Consulting from Health IT Experts
  • Data Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Mobile Device Strategy
  • Proactive Security Monitoring

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How We Support the Healthcare Industry

We understand the importance of compliance for all our healthcare clients. That is why our entire IT Solutions team — from help desk engineers to office management staff and interns — are trained in HIPAA and PCI security best practices. This attention to our client’s best interests ensures that we provide industry knowledge and focus that can be relied on by the 16,000+ healthcare workers we support.

Scalable Storage

Scalable Storage

Comprehensive, scalable storage and support for all PHI data in a private, 100% redundant data center built on the latest Storage Area Network (SAN) infrastructure.

Healthcare Expertise

Healthcare Expertise

EHR/EMR, Practice Management application hosting and support for leading solutions, including NextGen, Allscripts, AdvantX, athenahealth, and Modernizing Medicine.

Security First Infrastructure

Security First Infrastructure

PCI and SSAE 18 Type II compliant data center environment supported and maintained 24/7/365 by the team that built it.

Flexible Hosting Options

Flexible Hosting Options

Hosting and support for other critical systems, such as PACS medical imaging technology, Dragon speech (Dragon Medical) and remote scanning and billing solutions.

Why Healthcare Triangle as your Trusted Managed Services Partner?

We offer comprehensive managed services to support healthcare providers’ IT needs. Our Managed Services can help you handle fluctuations in-demand or backlogs caused by challenges in recruiting and retaining in-house talent. Healthcare Triangle’s managed services offers:

  • A cost-effective alternative to expanding your in-house IT team
  • A flexible resourcing model that scales as your needs change
  • Access to expert advice and technical support
  • Peace of mind that allows you to focus energy and resources on your strategic initiatives
  • A consistent customer service experience

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthcare IT systems must adhere to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) compliance, ensuring that all data is secure and patient confidentiality is maintained. This includes implementing safeguards to protect patient information and conducting regular risk assessments to prevent data breaches.

Stars-Support utilises a Complete Care Partnership approach, providing monthly reviews of IT systems to ensure they are optimised for performance and compliance. This includes management of EMR/EHR systems, proactive security monitoring, and vendor relationship management, all tailored to enhance workflow and patient care.

Yes, Stars-Support offers comprehensive services for EMR/EHR implementation and management. This includes configuring systems to meet specific needs of healthcare providers, ensuring systems are compliant with HIPAA regulations, and facilitating seamless integration with other healthcare IT infrastructure.

For healthcare clients, Stars-Support provides HIPAA-compliant solutions, risk analysis, data backup, disaster recovery planning, mobile device strategy, and proactive security monitoring. Each service is designed to address the unique challenges faced by healthcare providers, from securing sensitive data to optimising clinical operations.

Healthcare organisations interested in IT-managed services can begin by scheduling a free consultation with Stars-Support. During the consultation, Stars-Support will assess the specific needs of the organisation, propose a tailored IT strategy, and discuss how their services can enhance compliance, patient care, and operational efficiency.

Stars-Support prioritises data security by implementing robust cybersecurity measures, including proactive security monitoring and regular system health checks. They also offer risk management consulting to identify potential vulnerabilities, ensuring that all healthcare IT systems are secure against emerging threats.

Vendor management is a critical component of Stars-Support’s services, where they facilitate and manage the relationship between healthcare clients and their technology vendors. This ensures that the technology solutions provided are not only compliant with HIPAA but also effectively support the healthcare organisation’s operational and care delivery goals.

Stars-Support offers immediate incident response services to address data breaches. This includes technical support to identify and rectify the breach source, consultation on mitigating potential damage, and assistance with regulatory compliance issues that may arise as a result of the breach.

Stars-Support develops technology strategies that balance compliance, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. They provide scalable solutions that can be adjusted as the needs of the healthcare organization change, ensuring that the IT infrastructure not only meets clinical and operational needs but also stays within financial constraints.

Beyond initial implementation and setup, Stars-Support offers ongoing support that includes system monitoring, regular performance reviews, and updates to ensure systems remain compliant with HIPAA regulations. They also provide training and support to healthcare staff to maximise the use of IT resources in their daily operations.