Development Squads

Stars-Support brings agile methodology and culture to clients through its development squads- small, self-organized, multi-functional teams. Each squad is self-sufficient and operates autonomously to deliver a particular aspect or feature of the product. Squads typically include a designer, a business analyst, developers, and QAs.

Utilizing Squads Brings the Following Benefits:
  • Increased Productivity:
    Members are aligned in their workflow and relationships, making squads productive as a unit from the start
  • Reduced Costs and Time to Market:
    The cross-functional nature of squads allows problems to be addressed as they arise in real time, cutting costs and time to market
  • Ease of Scaling Up and Down:
    Adding or removing squads as opposed to individuals enables faster scaling up or down
  • Minimal Input:
    Squads are self- sufficient and require only minimal input from the client
  • Healthcare and Life Science:
    Improve quality of care and eliminate costly administrative inefficiencies.
  • Loyalty:
    Stars-Support’s 95% retention rate ensures continuity and reliability of squad composition
  • Staying Ahead of the Game:
    Stars-Support’s teams bring an agile methodology, a culture of innovation, and effective practices, as well as new ideas, new insights, and diverse talent